6000 WOG, ¼" to 1-½": Full Port, 2": Standard Port, Threaded Ends, Nace MR-01-75

ISO 5211 Mounting Pad, Locking Lever Handle


- Strengthened construction secures 6000 psi working pressure rating. Enlarged bottom-loaded blow-out proof stem.

- Tested according to API 598.

- Gasket is placed ahead of the body cap threads, providing a tight seal and protection of threads from flow media.

- Vented ball equalizes pressure between the body cavity and the flow steam to prevent seat damage due to thermal cycling.

- Basic design complied with ANSI B16.34 & EN 12516-1.

- NPT threaded ends complied with ANSI B 1.20.1.

- Rc, Rp & G Threaded ends complied with BS 21/2779, JIS B-0203/0202, DIN 259/2999, ISO 228-1, AS1722.1/1722.2 are upon request.


- F: Fire-safe design

- W: Body joint fully welded

- O: Viton O-ring on stem

- A: Anti-static device

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